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Counseling for Depression in Ann Arbor, MI.

While everyone feels mopey, blue, or sad once in a while, ongoing or persistent feelings like this are what we call depression.  

You will receive help from the Counseling Center of Ann Arbor for relief from symptoms of depression.


Depression is a mood disorder.  Depression or a depressed mood can be debilitating because when you are depressed, you lack energy, joy, and purpose.  You feel sad or weepy a lot, don’t want to get out of bed, and stop enjoying all the things that gave your life meaning.  You may also isolate yourself from friends and family. You are just plain unhappy.


Even though depression affects about 1.8% of Americans, recovery is possible by seeking counseling or therapy. 

Depression is a neurological condition with a variety of mental and physical manifestations. Depression traps people in negative emotions that convince them that there is no hope, joy, or love. Close relationships can suffer as well, as the symptoms of depression can deplete the loved ones’ reserves of empathy and drain their energy over time. 

It takes an act of courage to seek therapy or counseling for depression  Sometimes healing and coping with depression can come from a strong desire to build a joyful life again, despite the pains of the past. 


Opening up with a professional therapist or counselor is an important first step toward recovery. Talking about these emotions can also help someone reach greater understanding and awareness, bringing the world back into a more realistic perspective. With professional help, one can grow out of his or her despair and feel connected again. 

The process of seeking professional counseling or therapy for depression may be difficult for someone who is in the throes of depression. But most people cannot recover from depression alone, so getting help is a smart choice.

For more information or details about getting help for recovering from depression, please call or email today.

Please call or email for more information or to make an appointment.



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