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Ken Land, MSW
Founder and Clinical Director of the Counseling Center of Ann Arbor - CCAA

Based upon his inpatient and outpatient experience as a mental health care provider (at four hospitals, and two outpatient clinics) Ken founded The Counseling Center of Ann Arbor as a positive alternative to the impersonal, "take a number" corporate experience of health care clinics. 


The Counseling Center's mission is to provide personal, individualized care in a small, private, downtown location rather than an impersonal mega-setting.  The downtown location reflects Ken's commitment to an intimate, community based practice. Positive outcomes, care and life improvement are the primary objectives. 


Insight into psychological problems alone, while valuable, is not enough.  People want to know how to make better choices and to live better lives.


Ken has more than forty years of experience in assessment, diagnosis and treatment of mental health and substance abuse challenges.  His life long calling as a therapist includes hundreds of hours of institute and workshop training.  He has worked for over six years in inpatient settings including The University of Michigan Adult Psychiatric Hospital.  Those years at U of M cannot be surpassed as a foundation of understanding of mental health problems and solutions.


Over the years, Ken has evolved an organic, comfortable, conversational, narrative style the primary objective of which is to help people make their life a better place.  See  This style is solution and results driven.  Plain, everyday, easily understandable language is used rather than professional jargon.


Ken has presented lectures, workshops and interactive training on his methods of helping others locally, regionally, nationally and internationally, most recently in Lisbon, Portugal.


For the unique cluster of challenges facing many University of Michigan students, Ken has developed a comprehensive treatment protocol.  Regardless of the focus of an education, be it law, graduate school or a fundamental undergraduate education, emotional issues can diminish performance.  Please click on the Students/Parents button.

  • Healthy Strategies to Manage Depression and Anxiety

  • Recovery from Addiction &  Substance Abuse

  • Improvement Strategies for Overly Complex Lives

  • Assisting Students to Perform at Their Best 

by Ken

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Marie Thompson, M.D.

Dr. Thompson has been in private practice in Ann Arbor since 1982. She has consulted at the Counseling Center of Ann Arbor since 2008.  Dr. Thompson graduated as a psychoanalyst from the Michigan Psychoanalytic Institute in 1996 and she completed a Residency in Psychiatry at The University of Michigan in 1982. She won the prestigious designation of  McLaughlin Fellow from the American Psychiatry Association for “Excellence in Psychopharmacology” in 1982.
Dr. Thompson is an Adjunct Faculty at the University of Michigan and holds the post of Lecturer at the Michigan Psychoanalytic Institute.  She enjoys being an educator, therapist and physician who can utilize her skills in understanding both the brain and the mind through  analysis, therapy and pharmacology to help each person find a personalized balanced solution to a variety of problems.
  • ADD / ADHD Evaluation and Diagnosis

  • Mood Disorders

  • Anxiety and Depression

  • Other Psychiatric Disorders

by Dr. Thompson


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Steve Trierweiler, Ph.D.

Steve is a licensed psychologist with over 25 years of experience in working with adults, adolescents, couples and families. He received his doctoral clinical training at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and the UCLA Medical Center in California.

He is interested in improving the important relationships in clients' lives. Dr. Trierweiler focuses on relieving stress, and promoting health and overall well-being. He addresses problems associated with depression, mood disorders, anxiety, parent-child relationships, couple relationships, stress, self-esteem, and personality and character disorders. Dr. Trierweiler helps clients understand how culture, gender, social and spiritual issues affect their personal experience.

Dr. Trierweiler has trained clinical psychologists for many years and has taught at Smith College, Antioch University and The University of Michigan. The treatment model he designed (with colleague George Stricker) for training scientifically minded clinical practitioners is used at various training locations nationwide.

  • Relationship, Couple and Marriage Counseling

  • Recovery from Addiction and Substance Abuse

  • Healthy Management of Anxiety, Depression and Stress

  • Helping Students to Perform at Their Best

by Dr. Trierweiler

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